Shopping small this Christmas

Tis the season and like most, i’m ready for a new year. Not that this year was super terrible or anything for my family, we have been very blessed! But for me, it’s barely even Winter and i’m ready for sweet Summer time again. I am just not a fan of cold weather, sure, fluffy snow on Christmas is nice, but the rest of the season is blah!

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Virtual Target Run

It’s been since September 2019 that I have stepped into a Target store! Yeah, once my Target implemented Drive-Up, I never looked back because trying to get two kids rounded up and quiet so mama can shop was just not going to happen. Plus i’m a major germaphobe, so theres that. But now with the global Pandemic keeping everyone in-side, I kind of miss my gal pal Target and the thrill of finding new goodies in-store. While my wallet and husband are thankful, I have a major void to fill, so let’s go shopping…online of course!

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USED AND ABUSED *baby product edition*

So you guys know, I have probably written about ten baby product blogs because there is so many different options out their and at each milestone in my kids life, they have needed different products. I had no idea what I was doing when I walked into Buy Buy Baby for the first time with my husband, trying to see what we liked for our first born, we walked out just nodding in pure shock at all the products available. We didn’t have a baby then so we had no idea. Now that I have had 2 babies, I am going to tell you all the products i’m obsessed with and ones that didn’t work for us.

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Paleo Bakehouse

Okay my sweets loving mamas, do I have some goodness to share.

I stumbled upon Paleo Bakehouse as an Instagram ad (thank you!). I was instantly drawn by the words “gluten free”. Yay, a gluten free monthly subscription of treats, um where do I sign up? Continue reading Paleo Bakehouse