Shopping small this Christmas

Tis the season and like most, i’m ready for a new year. Not that this year was super terrible or anything for my family, we have been very blessed! But for me, it’s barely even Winter and i’m ready for sweet Summer time again. I am just not a fan of cold weather, sure, fluffy snow on Christmas is nice, but the rest of the season is blah!

With the global pandemic taking a toll on everyone and everything, especially small businesses, I have been very conscious in my efforts to shop smaller this year. Small and local shops are at the top of my list to support this year. We do have a tight budget, but I am very glad to have spent some of it on some ma and pa shops this year!

Here is a list of some of the sweetest small shops to think about!

Chasing Golden Light has some of the daintiest knit hats for baby and baby dolls. Check them out on Instagram @chasinggoldenlight!

Slumberkins is a favorite of mine and a household brand so to say. They recently released the most beautiful colors for their Holiday collection! We snagged a Amethyst Bigfoot Snuggler for London. We also have some of their other snugglers and they are seriously the softest and the kids sleep with them everynight!

A Christmas bath toy set is something i didn’t know I needed until I saw Ellie and Pipper’s. We asked santa for these so hopefully he delivers! They are seriously the cutest and such a fun way to celebrate all season long. They also have such fun party supplies to make any event extra festive.

I love family matching, especially when I can get my kiddos the same outfit. Moonstone + Pearl Co. offers the cutest holiday gear around. Such a cute little shop and she also offers free printables all season long. Follow the magic over on Instagram

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