Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas ($50 or less)

Let’s face it, time slips away and before we know it, Easter has passed and BAM it’s Mother’s Day! Your baby daddy starts to fret, but not to worry, show him this and he will be golden.

My son made me a mama back in 2017 and I am forever grateful and my sweet daughter made me a girl mom in 2019. Whether your a mom of one, an adoptive mom, step-mom, bereaved mom or a mom of 12, you go girl! Us moms, working or stay at home, sacrifice so much to keep the smiles flowing and the giggle plentiful. It’s truly hard work, so Mother’s Day, the one day of the year should truly be about us, after all we deserve it.

Here is a little list I put together for shopping last minute. Everything is carefully curated with a budget in mind. All items are from Target, so you can utilize their amazing drive-up feature and stay safe while shopping for mom!


I know diffusing oil is all the rage, but there is something about a candle that makes you feel so cozy!

  1. Citrus Grove Two-Tone Ceramic Seasonal Candle 20.8oz – $24.99
  2. Glass Jar Candle Cashmere Jasmine 11oz – $14.99
  3. Glass Jar 2-Wick Candle Sparkling Yuzu 15.1oz – $10

Kitchen Helpers

A little cliché, but everyone cooks and some good looking kitchen accessories can make it more fabulous.

  1. Mesh & Wood Food Dome – $14.99
  2. Wood & Glass Cake Storage – $19.99
  3. Spoon Rest – $5

DreamEgg Humidifier | HONEST REVIEW

That time of year has come again where the air is dry and cold and flu is ever so prominent. Mixed with the current pandemic, it’s a recipe for disaster. I have been wanting to try a cool mist humidifier for some time, we only had a warm mist one. Our warm mist one is from Honeywell and can be bought at big box stores, I got mine at Target years ago. Humidifiers can be pretty pricy and it’s so daunting because there are a lot of horror stories of them kicking the bucket after minimal usage and becoming moldy and dysfunctional.

Price Comparison

$49.99 4.5L Ultrasonic Humidifiers from Dreamegg on Amazon and has a current promotion for $10 off.

$34.99 1 Gal Warm Mist Humidifier from Honeywell at Target

$54.99 1 Gal. Drop Cool Mist Humidifier from Crane on the Crane website.

$39.99 .5 Gal 3-in-1 Humidifier with Diffuser and Nightlight from Fridababy at Buy Buy Baby

Honest Review

Thumbs Up: It is really user friendly. The water tank lifts up from the base and you fill it up, twist the cap back and put it back on top of the base and that’s it. There is 3 different functions, low,medium and high. The mist in all the levels is perfect. I have not yet experienced any water leaking from the bottom like I have on my warm mist humidifiers from Honeywell (ruined so many pieces of furniture). It’s a sleek design and smaller then I envisioned which is great! It has a built in nightlight too that adds a unique feature. The dial on the top is removable for cleaning but can be turned in any direction so the mist can go whichever way you please. It seems pretty straight forward for cleaning and even comes with a brush. I have not cleaned the machine yet so once I do I will document that experience and update on here.

Thumbs Down: The price is a little steep, but the comparables show that it is indeed priced competitively. A personal opinion, I would love to see more color options, like all white/clear tank and etc. It’s competitor Crane has a multitude of colors, which is super fun so you can match it to your room or add a nice color pop. Overall, I don’t really have any negative to say about this product. It works as it should and does not have any corks that I have found.

Additional Resources

For more information on the benefits of using a humidifier click here.

For more information on the types of humidifiers to use, especially for babies click here

DINO TRUCKS | Honest Review

My kids are dino obsessed and I am not even exaggerating. My son calls himself Parker Dino. It’s the cutest ever, and my daughter just goes with the flow!

Thumbs Up: Both my kids love this simple toy. It’s battery free too! Comes in a pack with 2. They are both stunt car, so when you push them hard and they hit something, they do some pretty funny 360 rotations. My kids have been playing with them pretty aggressively for the past week and nothing can broken, the quality is great!

Thumbs Down: The price is the only negative thing I have to say about the product. It’s $19.99 on Amazon Prime. However, it is good quality, so it can be justified.

Link to Dino Truck

Mental Check In

Recently I have been really struggling a lot. My depression and anxiety cloud my days and sometimes I just want to lay in bed and veg out while I watch movies to relax my mind. We have a lot going on right now with the move, selling of our house and trying to navigate how to safety celebrate Christmas with our families. We are and have been taking Coronavirus very seriously, so moving during the pandemic and trying to safely celebrate the holiday is going to be a challenge. I am ready, but I am also scared.

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Shopping small this Christmas

Tis the season and like most, i’m ready for a new year. Not that this year was super terrible or anything for my family, we have been very blessed! But for me, it’s barely even Winter and i’m ready for sweet Summer time again. I am just not a fan of cold weather, sure, fluffy snow on Christmas is nice, but the rest of the season is blah!

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Dear Body

I love you.

I hate you.

Thank you.

You failed me.

Dear my body,

You have done wondrous things, things I never imagined possible, you traveled Europe, you carried two babies, you survived college. You are amazing. I am thankful for this body, but I am also not. I had different plans for my children’s births and you failed me. I got so sick in Europe that I almost had to come home. You did survive me through college, so I will give you that one.

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Mental Load: My Coronavirus Thoughts

As a germaphobe, I thought I would be prepared for a pandemic. Going into the chaos of the Winter blues earlier this year to a full-blown pandemic has really been eye opening. I live with something called mysophobia. It’s essentially a fear of germs, like an extreme fear, while others may think my mental illness is silly or annoying, it’s something I battle with everyday and it is real. Some suffer from fibromyalgia, or a even a Hypersexuality, and while we take those things seriously, I feel like my fear of germs is often overlooked as just a weird quirk and a get over it mentality.

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