I’m excited to write this review because these are some of the products that has made parenting two under two a little easier for me. I am going to tell you what I like and what I don’t like for both, the DockATot Grand and Northwell CuddleNest Mighty.

It is no doubt as new parents, we all want our babies to sleep good! Better sleep means a well rested baby and of course a well rested parent, a huge win-win.

In the search to find products that help solve sleeping issues, their are two products I have tested, the DockATot and the CuddleNest.  Both provide a cozy, supportive sleeping environment that can be used in a co-sleeping situation as well as in many other ways.

For parents who are on budget like me, but still want the best of the best for baby, I recommend the CuddleNest because it helps nest the baby so that s/he feels comfortable at a affordable cost without skimping on quality. It’s no secret that when babies are born, they are accustomed to the comfortable, cradling support of the womb. So when they are out in the big open world, it can be a scary overwhelming thing, and that is why most babies love to be cradled or swaddled.

Next, I’ll compare them head-to-head.

How are they similar

There seems to be two types of parents out there.  Those who are looking for a safer co-sleeping solutions and those who are just trying to get their baby to sleep better.  Sometimes these intersect with the demands of everyday life and the desperate need for quality sleep to function as an adult, so any type sleep solution is sought out.

The biggest similarity between the DockATot and the CuddleNest is that they both can be a solution for better sleep for baby and parents.

Both are designed to keep baby safe in their own space while also sharing sleeping quarters (co-sleeping).  The raised up sides create a barrier for the baby rather then just having the baby in the bed next to the parents.

Even if you are not using a lounger for co-sleeping, they are designed to help baby sleep more soundly.  They both provide a nested environment so that baby will feel like s/he is still in mom or dad’s arms and can hopefully sleep for longer stretches of time.


Both loungers are machine washable and have options for different covers. The DockATot does have a wider variety of covers, but those cost anywhere between $110-$130. They CuddleNest has only four options at $45 each.

They both are great for multi-use and are suitable for sleeping, tummy time, lounging or simply a padded surface for baby or toddler to hang out on. Now that’s dreamy!

They only downside for both loungers is changing the cover. It is probably one of the most frustrating things. Both loungers I have difficultly with. It’s a task for sure, but necessary for them to be safe for our babies.

There are a few difference in aesthetics between the two. The DockATot opens and closes at the bottom with a clasp (not a very strong one) and has a built-in handle for transporting it easily from room to room, if necessary. The CuddleNest is always open at the bottom and the Mighty size does not have a handle.



What is it made of? Breathable, High-Quality Cotton and Hypoallergenic Polyester. The product is free of all toxic materials, to ensure baby safety. The zipper is hassle-free YKK zipper, the best on the market!


DockATot is made in the EU with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that do not harbor heat. This ensures that the micro-climate (space directly affecting their surroundings) is the best possible for babies and tots.

Available in different sizes

The CuddleNest comes in two sizes, the Mini and the Mighty. The Mini is geared towards babies 0-8 months and the Mighty for 9-36 months or up to approximately 45lbs. The CuddleNest Mighty Toddler Lounger is 42″ Long and 25″ Wide

The DockATot also comes in two sizes ranging from 0-36 months, the Delux and the Grand. The Grand is 39 x 24 x 9 inches, 39 inches with clasps closed and 47 inches with clasps open.

Price Comparison

0-8 months

CuddleNest Mini $99

DockATot Delux $175-$215

9-36 months

CuddleNest Mighty $175

DockATot Grand $275-$300

My recommendation

I really feel that the CuddleNest is the perfect solution for babies and toddlers because of its functionally and price.  You really get almost all the same perks as the DockATot, just at a better price.  Most babies love to feel snug and secure, and the Mini provides the perfect solution for the first half year of life, give or take. The Mighty is great for toddlers to lounge, cuddle and play. Both lounger sizes also help reduce in the risk of Flat-Head Syndrome.

Do you love one over the other?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or experience with either so leave a comment below!

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