Starting solids-round II

Food is everything in this household. Well, maybe this is just true for me, but we recently started London on solids and…she loves it! Parker was the worst ever when it came to eating his first foods, but London, she absolutely loves it. Everything I have given her has been a winner. She’s had, strawberries, avocado, banana, sweet potato, applesauce, apple sweet potato, apple mango and apple carrot. We spoon feed her or let her go to town with her Moss and Fawn Forage feeder and there has been zero refusal.

Parker is still a really really bad eater. He is super picky and that could maybe be my fault. I don’t know. I am trying my best here. Since he had issues with food(s) at a young age, I really didn’t introduce a new food/flavor every 3-5 days recommend by our pediatrician. Instead if he liked something, I just keep giving him that and changing that out with other foods he liked. He was so happy eating butternut squash, peas and sweet potato and I was just so happy he was eating. This time around I was well prepared for the fuss of refusal, but honestly, her food journey has been such a treat. This could so change in a heartbeat, but right now I am enjoying it!

In attempt to try and be the most successful for London and her journey with foods, here are some of the things I am doing differently. I am buying prepared organic baby food with mixed flavors first before making them homemade. Guys..I would spend a whole day meal prepping for Parker, mixing tasty flavors together and it would all be for nothing. He wouldn’t eat it, especially if it had banana or tasted like it had banana. I was heart broken. I really was. So to omit that defeat, you can judge me or not, I am buying the prepared mixed flavors first.

I am also introducing meats earlier. I plan on doing so a little after she turns 6 months. Along with common food allergy foods such as peanut butter, dairy and eggs. Parker has no known allergy so I want to give London the best chance too by introducing these foods early. I do suffer from celiacs disease, so I pray that I don’t pass this trait onto my kids.

I really want to try and stay away from processed foods like puffs with London. Parker’s diet is literally cheese puffs..cheese..chocolate..occasional hummus and raspberries and of course all the sugary things ever made. When I do give him pre-made sugary items, I lean towards, nutri-grain bars, blueberry muffins, protein bars and those chocolate covered superfruit bites. I do make keto baked goods and let him indulge and I put nutritional yeast or flax in his mac and cheese, if he even eats it. He is basically a vegetarian. He ate bacon one time. Like I said, he is so picky and has been very cranky about trying anything new. I don’t want London to be like this, so I want to stay far away from processed foods as I humanly can!!

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