Love Grows Here.

As the season is starting to change and Valentines Day is approaching, literally, it’s tomorrow, the dreaded Winter blues is melting away and Spring is near. The global pandemic feels like it is in its 10th year or season seven of whatever shows been airing that long. Nothing makes sense anymore, McDonalds’ meals are cheaper than a gallon of milk; aka inflation is no joke.

What brings me happiness in this time of chaos and “gloom and doom” thought process is simply the warmer weather approaching! I also love to decorate, not that I am any good at it, but it brings me so much joy. Decorating and DIY projects that go right is my love language, plus some good street tacos and ice cream of course.

Motherhood, well motherhood is hard and it is even harder during the winter when you have to stay inside, what feels like locked away, and staring at the same ol’ walls everyday makes you go a little, let’s say beige.

I know I am not alone in this journey, I also know I am not like the majority of people either. I have anxiety, depression, I am moody, I am weird. I am uniquely me plus two rugrats now that keep me on my toes. Makes things interesting but I would not have it any other way

I guess I am writing this entry more like a journal aka word vomit more then anything, but I am still here! Mentally, ya, I am okay, physically, I should probably stop eating so much tacos, but I am here and for once I feel like I can write, I am okay. Im doing okay. Few health scares, but I am feeling better and I am okay.

I guess I will leave it here. Spring is near and love grows here! Check up on your friends, family and even foes. Sometimes things are not always as it seems and everyone should know they are loved and that someone cares enough to simply ask, how are you doing?