Under Stair Closet D.I.Y

I’m obsessed with D.I.Y. My husband, not so much, so when we do projects together I truly value it. Here is the latest house project we did together. This space was something that definitely needed some help but also wasn’t high on the priority list.

Here is the closet in all her glory. It was a let’s shove it in here and close the door type of situation, but i knew it had so much potential!

So step one was to take all the junk out, remove the carpet and clean the subfloor and remove the staples and nail trips from the carpet. Then remove the rod and shelf situation. Like magic, it’s already looking much better.

Step two was too paint, paint and paint some more. We just used what we had on hand which is absolutely the wrong paint, but we used some ceiling paint, which is a matte white. It look a few coats, but the end result is perfection.

So I wasn’t careful when I painted the baseboards because I knew flooring was going in. I despise taping off, so I lucked out with this transformation for sure! Step three was to lay the floor. We went with Wall Pops floor pops. The style is Stellar Peel & Stick Floor Tile. We went ahead and ordered it on Amazon. We needed two packs for this space. We did order a pack that was “like new” at a discount price so we could save some money. A regular priced pack is around $15. Peel and stick tiles are perfect for renters too.

Aint she gorgeous? Already looking so much better. Step four on this transformation was to add some shelfs! We used 1×8 and cut them to size. We got the inexpensive brackets at Home Depot. 6″ size for the 8″ boards. I then stained them to match the rest of the woodwork projects we did in the house. The stain i used is Varathane in Early American. It’s a natural yet reddish stain. I really like it but I know a lot don’t. I didn’t want it to be deep so I only did one coat and after applying, I wiped the access off immediately. I did not seal the wood because there would never be water on it plus we didn’t have any on hand.

Last and final step is to decorate! This space for us is an extension of our pantry and a place to storage the kids homeschool and craft stuff. It will most likely be home for a lot of other things, but I am so beyond happy how it turned out. Done on a budget in a weekend and my husband and I still love each other after it, haha!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Happy D.I.Y

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