Halloween Target Finds for Kids ($10 or less)

Fall in nearly here and I am so ready for this wicked year to be over with, but Halloween is my favorite holiday since having kids so i’m starting that celebration a little early this year! It’s so fun and you can truly make it spooktacular on a budget!

1. Pumpkin Sippy Cup: pumpkin everything, am i right?! $4

2. Ghost Sippy Cup: perfect little gift for your ghoul or goblin. $4

3. Wooden Halloween Set: for your mini mantel or sensory play with the kids. $8

4. Halloween Sloth: seriously, the cutest thing like ever! $8

5. Halloween Eyewear: perfect for pretend play and treat bags. $3

6. Cat Ear Headband: another purrfect item to add for pretend play fun! $3

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