Stress Free Homeschooling

I always knew if I was going to have children, I wanted to homeschool. Parker is at such a fun age where he is truly learning so much the moment he opens his eyes in the morning and shuts them at night. London is also a eager little learner herself.

I thought having a structured school time was going to be the most valuable, but everyday is so different, so I have been doing a toddler led learning approach. Instead of forcing him to sit down, with of course bribes sometimes, I simple just ask, “do you want to do a worksheet” and go for it. If he says yes, great, if he says no, that is okay too. He is still so young and anything I am doing is beneficial.

I have been using Lydia’s Toddler Pre-K Curriculum (Summer edition-free) and it has been so fun! She also offers Fall and Halloween editions that are available for purchase on her Etsy Shop. I want to get my hands on those, but mamas, we are on a budget! One day I hope to support her and get those, but right now, it is what it is and we are thriving on her Summer curriculum so far.

I have also created my own worksheets for Parker and fun activities, thanks Pinterest! I do have a schedule up and try to follow it, so they have structure in their day, but forcing him to sit down and do school turned into a huge stresser and gave me a mommy burn out, which also triggers my depression and anxiety, so that is not fun for anyone.

My goal is for Parker to do one worksheet a day, or one themed activity a day. I used to do school when London was down, but then I found myself getting stressed if she refused to nap or he was being a wild child. So again, mamas, don’t worry if your schedule is not working, just go with the flow and it is so much more rewarding for everyone! Heck, get yourself that venti pumpkin cream cold brew and then teach your littles! Give yourself a little grace and a lot of credit!

I have created five G is for Ghost themed worksheets available for download for FREE. Please tag me @thepetitemomsite and let’s have some fun this spooky season!

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