Today marks 18 days till Christmas. Anyone else feel like that snuck up on them? I’m feeling really festive, but I need time to slow its roll so I can soak up my babes during this holiday season. Hot cocoa and a nice warm blanket sound like the perfect way to ring in the Holidays and winter weather to come.

01. Christmas Crown

Heart eyes at babies in bonnets, but Rōz took that delight to maximum cuteness and makes crowns for your littles. This little gem is currently on-sale with free shipping! The most perfect stocking stuffer I ever did see. They have so much cuteness over their and you can save a little extra using promo code thepetitemomsite10

02. Heirloom Bunny

These darling heirloom toys are organic and eco-friendly. A delight to the eye and a solstice for the soul.

03. Bow and Arrow Set

I mean, come on, these are just way to cool. Indoor play time fun that can totally be used for many activities. I want one, no…I need one!

04. Bows

I’ve said it before, but their is nothing better then babies in bows. Way too sweet. This mama makes all her bows sustainably. Cuteness overload!

05. Personalized Pacifier Clip

Personalized toys, blankets and what have you is the best gifts ever. I have 2 of these pacifier clips for my daughter and I just cant get enough. The quality is amazing mamas, so so good.

06. Moccasins

Little feetsies in little moccasins. And that fringe! Adorable! A perfect gift to give.

07. Christmas Teether

What better gift for Babies first Christmas then this holiday teeter set.

Published by

Rachel Nardi-Brettman

Rachel is a wife and mother of two who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She gave up her job in the corporate world to be a stay at home mom full time and raise her family. Some of her hobbies and passions include baking, gardening, and all things DIY. Rachel was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was 21. She loves to share gluten free baking tips and recipes for others who suffer from similar allergies. She started blogging when her son, Parker, was born. Her daughter, London, was born with some complications and had a brief visit to the NICU. Some of the topics she enjoys writing about include the difficulties of having 2 kids under 2, the stress and effects the NICU has on mothers, and the ups and downs of her breastfeeding journey.

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