Dear Nursing Pillow

Motherhood, awe! The blood, tears and joy of my journey would not be the same without my nursing pillow.

When Parker finally latched after what seemed like days of struggling, I couldn’t stop my emotions. I can’t believe he’s doing it! I can’t believe I’m doing it! It felt like the biggest miracle ever. This miracle, I also owe to you, my nursing pillow. You aided my nursing struggles effortlessly while I was recovering from my c-section. Knowing his head and body was comfortably supported made all the difference. I’m so thankfully you were there at the hospital with me. I still use you everyday, for multiple uses. You not only were my no. 1 nursing supporter, you helped my son with tummy time struggles. He’s now a champ and I owe it all to you!

Now we are practicing sitting up and again, you are there, supporting his back and helping catch his falls.

My little C-shaped pillow, you have come in handy for a number of uses throughout the months. From nursing, tummy time, lounging around and sitting up, your the best investment I have ever made for my son and myself. Your a multi-functional rockstar!

Thank you with all my heart.

Heres how to get your FREE Nursing Pillow


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How to use a nursing pillow for tummy time

The Nursing Pillow is a great alternative to the traditional tummy time position. While babies may not have the strength to lift their head enough to make tummy time “fun”, propping them up on a nursing pillow allows them to see the world from a new angle while still strengthening their neck, back, and arm muscles!

Here’s how to use your nursing pillow safely for tummy time:

  1. Place your nursing pillow on a soft flat surface.
  2. Place your baby inside the curve of the “C” in the pillow, with their arms and shoulders propped on top of the pillow.
  3. Place a toy or yourself in front of the pillow to catch your babies attention.
  4. Allow baby to play in this tummy time position until they show signs of fatigue. [Sings include,unable to hold their head up, crying and or fussing.]
  5. ALWAYS supervise your baby at all times. If at any time your baby’s arms and shoulders slip off the top of the pillow, reposition them.
  6. Remember fun and take lots of pictures!

How to use a nursing pillow as a sitting aid

A nursing pillow makes a great tool to help your baby stay propped up in a sitting position before they have the core strength to sit fully on their own. Even after their muscles have developed, the pillow is still helpful to place around them as a cushion in the event they fall over or get tired.

Here’s how to use your nursing pillow safely as a sitting aid:

  1. Place your nursing pillow on the floor. [Never on a couch, chair, or elevated surface]
  2. Put baby in a sitting position in the center of the “C” shape of the pillow. [The baby’s back should be against the curve of the pillow, with their legs pointing toward the opening]
  3. Move the ends of the pillow in toward each other until the pillow is cradling baby on both sides, providing the sitting support they need.
  4. As your baby gains strength, skill, and confidence, move the ends of the pillow away from the baby so they are not as tightly supported.
  5. ALWAYS supervise your baby at all times while using the Nursing Pillow in this position. If your baby falls over, reposition them or remove them from the pillow.
  6. Remember fun and take lots of pictures!

Remember, babies do not have the strength to move themselves if they are in a position where they are unable to breathe well.

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