My baby doesn’t sleep!

I remember when weekends meant sleeping in, enjoying that mid-morning cup of joe while relaxing with my feet up, but…my baby doesn’t sleep!

When baby doesn’t sleep, no one sleeps! Although, since I am exclusively breastfeeding and a stay-at-home mommy, I told my husband I would do ALL the late night feedings and diapers. Man oh man, what was I thinking? He is almost 5 months [brb emotional crying mom over here] and still has not slept through the night, awww! Not to mention, he barely naps throughout the day. No idea how my little dude isn’t tired, cause let me tell you, I am exhausted [af]!

We have tried a relaxing bedtime routine, swaddling, a mobile, white noise, bottle feeding so he can burp better, and nothing has worked!! I pray every night that may this be the night he sleeps more then 2 hours before waking up. He also does this partially open-eyed “sleeping” during his day time naps. Guess he doesn’t want to miss a minute! His naps barely last 30 minutes somedays. It’s like a race against the clock. Do I shower or clean the house? Make a gourmet meal or laundry? Exercise or nap too? I just love him so much, so I honestly don’t mind too much, but I feel like he’s not getting enough sleep.

I see soooooooooo many sleeping baby pictures and videos on my Instagram, like how? Tell me all your secrets, please!

HELP! Any suggestions? Comment below!


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