Surviving Mother’s Day

Alright, dads/gentleman this is geared towards you *hint, hint* and of course us mother’s, because who doesn’t like to splurge once in a while?

This year is going to be my first official Mother’s Day. It is so weird to even type that out. Last year, I was uber pregnant and imagining how future Mother’s Days will be like (while indulging on McDonald’s fries, which is seriously what I asked for). Well, it’s going to be May in just a few days now and I know it will just zoom to the 13th and just like that, it will be Mother’s Day!

So, let’s just get to the facts. Us moms love gifts. Yeah, it’s hard to admit sometimes, but you know we do. Especially ones that will make our lives easier and baby happy. A happy baby makes for one happy mama.

Here is my take on what to get expecting or new moms this Mother’s Day.

Expecting Moms

No 1. Gift Cards

Get your lovely mom to be some gift cards to baby stores. We all know nesting is real and when mama wants new baby stuff, mama gets new baby stuff. Plus this way she can get whatever she wants or save it for when baby is finally here!

No 2. Mommee Coffee

This is something I recently stumbled upon and is a perfect gift for both expecting and new moms. “Mommee Coffee features four unique caffeine content levels to match your needs at any stage of the Mommee journey.” I mean come on, how amazing is that? Coffee is definitely a must in my household, it is what gives me my super powers at 3am wake up calls from the boss aka my precious babes.

New Moms

No 3. Matching baby and mama sets

It’s no secret that I love Bapron’s. P and I are lucky enough to be brand enthusiasts, but my love for them stems way before that. These things are godly. They tie in the back so there is absolutely no need to battle the over the head battle. They are long so they catch all the food and they fit from 6mo’s to 3T. Bapron’s retails for around $20, but if you use my discount code, BAPRONBABY10 (and mention The Petite Mom in the notes) you get 10% off. Yep, now you have no excuse not to get mama a matching set.

No 4. Baby Ultrasound Embroidery

Again, this can be for both new and expecting moms. This is one of the coolest keepsakes out on the market and something I personally would absolutely love to get. Baby ultrasound embroidery keepsakes are a costly $300 and currently on a waitlist, but if you have the cash, this is totally worth it. This is something that will last a lifetime and be cherished forever.

No 5. Breastfeeding fuel

If your baby mama is breastfeeding. Do yourself a favor and get her some boobie food. My favorite milk enhancing supplement is Rawr Naturals Milk Drunk Protein Powder. It’s vegan and gluten free and their Mama Mocha flavor is “lit”. Use promo code PETITE10 at for 10% off, yay!

[BONUS] I feel like I am always coming across new products that I want to try and Stork and Drove Booby Boon Lactation Cookies are one of them. They are wheat free, soy free, non GMO, preservative-free and certified Kosher.

Both these lactation boosting goodies are celiac friendly!!

No 6. Spa Spa Spa

This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving, especially if you give mama all three. Moms work hard, both working and stay-at-home. A nice day at the spa can do the trick and show her how much you care about her…sanity! This is a win win, because Summer is around the corner and I am sure mama’s feet are not ready for sandals quite yet!

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers

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