DIY Jughead Jones Toddler Costume

Alrighty mama’s, I have a guilty pleasure and its Riverdale. Im a huge fan of the show and you can catch me Wednesday nights watching shamelessly. Riverdale is on The CW Network and for those of you who don’t know what it’s about, it’s an adaptation of the classic Archie comics. Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) is the story’s narrator and one of the main characters so I thought, why not make my little dude Jughead for Halloween!

This will be Parker’s 3rd Halloween and my second time making a DIY costume for him. For his first Halloween I just went to Target and got him one last minute. Last year I made him a chocolate chip cookie costume and oh my heart, it was the cutest thing ever. This year, I wanted to make him something that A) was warm and B) he could easily wear again throughout the year.

Here is Jughead Jones in action with his classic look. Hat, jacket and S tee to represent the South Side Serpents.

So I went ahead and ordered everything through Amazon because why leave the house when you can get next day delivery!

Here is what I ordered:

Shepra Jean Jacket-



South Side Serpents Patch-

Ok, so for the beanie, I followed this youtube tutorial from Neon + Nova’s PROPerly Made. I then added a random button I found and painted it red with Parker’s water base Crayola paint and it so worked! My husband is a machinist so he actually made me a little metal tag to put on it as well. I also used the Crayola paint and painted the tag white.

For the jacket I just ironed on the patch I bought. It took me a couple of tries but the method that worked best for me, was putting the iron on the highest setting, taking a towel and putting that over the patch to prevent scorching and holding the iron on for a few seconds and then going in circular motions for about a minute. I then put a heavy object atop of the patch and voilà, it stuck!

For the shirt. I wanted to just order one already made with an S but my husband said I could totally make one so here I am, making a DIY serpent shirt. I found a bubble letter S that I liked and printed that. I cut the S out leaving the paper pretty much in tact. I taped where I cut to cut out the S. I put the cut out S on the shirt where I would want the S to be and then put the paper over that to align it. Then I spray painted it black. I didn’t care too much if there was over spray because his shirt in the show has a distressed look anyways. The end result was great, my husband was right, I could make one for half the cost. Thank you hubby for believing in me!

Here are some pictures from the final product and guys, I don’t want to sound conceded but I think I totally nailed it!

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