Dont touch my kids

In extension on a fellow mom friends blog Hands Off, I thought i’d too address an important issue that really, no one is talking about, the issue of strangers touching kids.

Now if you know me personally, you know that I am a germaphobe. I know it may be kind of annoying to some, but this is an important part of my perfectly unique postpartum journey. I am not harming your way of life or anything, so if I want to lysol your phone and have you wash your hands and take your shoes off when visiting. Just do it. These are my kids, so respect it or hands off.

So Krystyna addresses some important issues in her blog. Being a nursing student herself, she gets it. Hands off. But she’s right, when did it become socially acceptable to touch other peoples kids without permission and in all honesty even with. Your a stranger anyways, and stranger danger is real folks. In her situation a stranger asked her son for a kiss. A what now? A kiss. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That is way out of line. Thankfully her son is smart and did not engage with the stranger, but a kiss..really? Check her blog out for more details.

I have actually been in a pretty weird situation over the summer too. A cute little parade comes down our street on Memorial Day so a lot of people tend to gather around our property. Well, we were packing up, my husband was brining chairs back into the garage when a lady approached the kids and I. I’m shy okay, so I hate when this happens. I get it though, everyone loves babies, so she came and said hi. Fine. She was asking my son for a high five and etc. Near the end of our conversation she stated to chock up and backed away to couched into her hands/arm. Then the real kicker happened when she said,”excuse me, i’m just getting over the flu” MY HEART BLOODY STOPPED! WHAT THE HECK LADY! She was trying to touch my kids, she made it apoint to shake my husband and mines hands when introducing herself. She left and we walked into the garage and my husband knew, I was freaking the f*ck out. He too was disgusted. Needless to say, the kids got a bath right away, we showered and I sanitized the shit outta everything. We thankfully did not catch the Flu, but that was seriously ridiculous.

If your sick, or just getting over a sickness and quite frankly in general. DO NOT APPROACH PARENTS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN AND ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRY TO TOUCH THEM. You wouldn’t want a stranger touching you, so the same applies for children.

Going into cold and flu season it is so important to keep our kids safe. Keep yourself safe. This may seem vain but if you don’t like how I think, then unfollow me, don’t be my friend. Yes, maybe i’m a little extreme, but this is me. This is my nicu ptsd. This is my postpartum journey.

I understand there is so many different parenting styles, each one unique and wonderful. Pros and cons on vaccinating kids, even debates on circumcising your baby boy. But friends, family, who ever is reading, this is an important thing. Shake your head in disagreement, I don’t care.

We all raised and are raising our kids how we want. Just like we all make mac and cheese differently. I put nutritional yeast in mine. I think it enhances the flavor and it gives some extra boost of wholesome goodness. So just like we all make mac differently, we all parent differently. Let’s all just agree on one thing, that our kids safety and happiness is the number one priority and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

So if your like me, hi, glad to know I am not along on this! If your not, that’s okay too, you do you boo! It’s simply a conscious choice I make in this saga that is motherhood. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below. Lets start a discussion!

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