Parenting Styles

Like a snowflake, everyone has different parenting styles. Instead of judging and criticizing, we need to embrace this difference and we would be much better for it.

Take peoples comments like a grain of salt, because after all, you are the mom/dad, not them. This is something I struggle with and I know I am not alone. It’s hard to get criticized, on anything, but on how you parent your little babe is probably the worst.

I for one, have of what seems like quirks, “rules” I want for my kids. I absolutely hate when people judge them and especially despise when people defy them. Like I said, they may seem silly, but they are what my husband and I decided on and believe me, talked long about. It is simply what we wish for our kids. Our parenting style is unique to us, and that is 100% okay!

For example, we really do not like when people canoodle our kids. LIKE. AT. ALL.! Kissing our kids on the lips or near should ONLY be (in our eyes) for the parents, mommy and daddy…the end. More myself then my hubs on this one, but we also appreciate when people wash their hands and take off their shoes when they come over to see us. I’m a germaphobe, but I am also practical. I do not think my husband and mine wishes are out of line at all.

As a parent to a toddler and an expecting one now too, I strive to be the best mom I can be. I want to raise our children with poise, kindness and ambition. We have rules, but we also believe our kids should, in the future, come up with their own ideas of rules and fairness to comply with. Seems a bit lax, but we want what is best for our kids without them getting EVERYTHING they want, when they want it. That, as we know, creates a brat! I for one should know, I was a little brat about thing when I was younger. Yes, I know, it is bound to happen, in one form or another, but if we all could just stop judging one another’s parenting style and embrace that each family is different then I think this community can strive even more and people would be more open to solicited/unsolicited advise.

It pains me to see mommy bloggers getting hated on for the littlest thing. We have to remember it is their choice and that is what best fits for their family. Something that you say “no” about, someone else might say “yes”. Some parents choose to face their kid forward before two years of age (although in some states now, this is against the law). This is all okay! It might seem shocking, but there is no reason to point a finger and judge them. Because lets face it, we all are struggling with the balance of yes and no, right and wrong.

So guys, love me, hate me, judge me, hug me, but I for one am putting my foot down and being open to everyones parenting style on the interwebs, out at Target and in my own life.



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