Parker’s 1st Birthday + Family Vacation

I have been totally M.I.A lately and apologize, but I have had such a creative block and honestly I have just been soaking up all of my babe before he turned the big ONE! From party planning, his 1st birthday party to our little family vacation and even starting a new “job”, we have been quite busy over here. Not to mention a little regression on the whole sleeping through the night thing [please send coffee]. Anyways, for anyone who wants to read all about what we have been up too, keep on reading!

P turned one! What a emotional day…for me. It was my plan to stop breastfeeding him then cold turkey, but I just couldn’t handle it, so I decided to go ahead and do it for a little longer. Yay go me! On his b-day, my hubs was able to take the day off so we drove up to the local zoo for a super fun [hot] day! It was amazing! I have not been to that particular zoo in years. The only downfall was that most exhibits were indoors and were not stroller friendly. So if you are planning a zoo day, maybe check with your local zoo or bring a baby carrier. Other then that, the day was awesome, P loved the giraffes. Afterwards we went out to lunch where P stole the attention of the whole restaurant staff with his cuteness. He’s like the biggest flirt when it comes to meeting new people. We of course did the whole cake “smash” thing, presents and snuggles too end the day.

Party planning, wowzers. So I choose to channel my late Aunt’s Italian ways and did the theme of “Holy Cannoli”. To my surprise, there was literally nothing cannoli themed on the market! No decorations, no invites,  I put on my crafty hat and went to work. I designed his invites through Avery. It’s a really neat site and the final product turned out beautifully. Everything was exactly to scale as I designed it on the computer. I highly recommend them for DIY invites. A little expensive, but totally worth it. I also made a cannoli garland banner out of extra card stock paper and mini pom-pom balls. We served pizza and cannoli’s. Simple and sweet.




Family vacation oh me oh my. We started our little vacation at a friends wedding in Indiana. From Indy we headed to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, we even camped on the grounds. From Kentucky we headed to Gatlinburg, Tennessee where we took in the sites. We even had some delicious bbq that we got through a drive thru, yep, drive thru bbq! From Tennessee we made out way to Cherokee, North Carolina. We stayed in a cute little cabin, thankfully because at this point it was raining so bad and our original idea was to camp. Good thing I told my husband no when he asked before booking our trip, phew! We hiked, despite the rain to a beautiful waterfall, Mingo Falls and made our way to Bryson City, NC. I fell in love with Bryson City and it is my dream to live there or somewhere close one day. It’s just a magical little town full of beauty and rich history. We also hiked [in the rain] just north of Bryson in the Smokey Mountains on a trail called “The Road to Nowhere”.

1 week, 4 states and a jam packed Focus ST, our vacation is one for the history books. It was everything and more and P did such a good job in the car, hiking and just simply taking everything in. He was really patient. Of course, he had his days [we all did], but during the trip he was cutting in his top molars and I had no idea. Sooooo basically, he was a dream!

My number one advice, if you plan to travel with a baby/toddler, is to make sure you have a comfortable carseat. We were fortunate enough to test out the the Baby Trend Premiere Plus Convertible Car Seat. It’s compact and low profile and fits perfectly in my husbands car, a 2014 Ford Focus ST. Also don’t forget to pack tons of snacks and toys, especially favorites. A go to for us was yogurt bites and veggie straws for snacks and Alex the Airplane toy from Vtech. P is a picky eater, so his dinners were mostly Easy Mac, yes do not judge me, kid loves his macaroni and cheese and traveling is about enjoying yourself, soooooo. Pack extra of baby wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers/swim diapers, plastic bags for garbage and whoopsies from the kiddo, portable white noise machine, highchair cover [if your a germaphobe like me], umbrella stroller, baby towel and bath soaps, sleep sack, portable highchair and etc.. Basically pack up everything you use at home plus extra because you seriously never know.

I am a working SAHM. It has been my dream job to be a stay at home mom and I am so thankful too be able to continue that, plus now I am watching my cousin-in-laws son. I am so grateful for this opportunity, that not only benefits them, but the kids and myself financially too. Her son is a just about 2 months younger then P, so, yes I have had my hands full. I give praise to you mamas who have more then one babe, especially ones who are close in age. It’s a new adventure everyday. I have years of babysitting under my belt, but I tell ya, once you have your own, it’s totally different and add on watching someone else’s, a whole different ball game. Still learning the tricks of it all, but I am hopeful for a bright future.

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