Our food journey-starting solids

Mama don’t fear-meal time tricks are here!

Starting solids was…lets just say different. My babes HATED IT and I am sure I am not alone on this. He would gag and turn his head in refusal. It was quite hilarious but also very frustrating. Our doctor recommended to us that we should start with a green veggie, so we did, we choose to start with broccoli. He loved it until he didn’t. One day he was so into it, then the next, he would cry like no ones business. It left us extremely confused.

I tried all the tricks, airplane noises/spoon, toy distractions and etc. NOTHING I mean NOTHING would work. I felt like we were doomed! Honestly, I sort of gave up, so we took a little break from trying solids and focused more on food sensory. We would have ‘mealtime’ where I would give him whole organic carrots (peeled) and celery hearts. At first he was taken back, but then ta-da, like magic, he loved it. He would chomp on them like a champ! It helped him with hand to mouth coordination while also helping with food sensory. After a week of that, I slowly introduced spoons and then solids, but this time, I let him feed himself.

I would put a glob of food on his high chair tray and let him do his thing. He essentially played with it but he also tried to feed himself. It’s messy, very very messy, but you know what, food should be fun and not dictated. A few days later, he got the hang of it and the rest was history! He loved eating…finally!

Fast forward four months later, he’s trying new foods without refusal, polishing off, at times, 3 tablespoons of food and letting me feed him too! I never thought I’d see this day and if you would have asked me at the beginning of our food journey, I would have told you that I would have breastfeed forever to keep him happy!

Moral here is, let your kid have fun with food, don’t be forceful, don’t get mad, be extremely open-minded. Come into feeding with the biggest smile and basically a fake-it-till-you-make-it attitude. Cheer, dance and jump up and down at every single bite. Make them laugh and know it’s a good thing to eat! Make their food journey FUN and I promise you, it will get better. Now of course every kid is different, but I hope you find this helpful if your struggling with mealtime like I once was.

P eating butternut squash.

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