Money saving tips

The decision to become a stay at home mom and putting my professional career on hold seems glamorous, but not having dual incomes comes at a cost. My husband has really stepped up to the plate to provide for our little family and I am forever thankful for that. It’s a shame really, that us homemakers don’t get paid, cause it’s seriously hard work! But don’t worry moms, your hard work pays off!

Here are some of my bargain busts to help stretch your income, from couponing, shopping sales and much more.

It’s all about being smart, do a little research before you go shopping and you can really stretch a buck. Shop sales and deals by visiting the stores website and clipping coupons. Target, for example, is a great money saver, if you can manage to come out with only what you went in for. Target offers Cartwheel, .5c discount on each reusable bag you bring for your items at checkout and 5% off your total purchase using their Red Card [can either be debit or credit]. If you created your baby registry through them, don’t forget you are eligible for the baby welcome kit with over $50 worth of coupons and samples.

Online shopping can also be great money-saving tool. Ebates is a great way to shop online and get paid for doing so. All you have to do is search your shop through their website first, to active their cash back incentive, or you can download their add-on extension to your internet browser and save. I have already made over $100 just by using Ebates and so can you! It’s seriously mindless ladies!

Crockpot everything! We all know having a free hand sometimes is not an option with your little one. Making meals in a crockpot is a great way to not worry so much about timing. You just dump in the ingredients, turn the dial to cook and forget about it until it’s ready. My husband loves when I make big batches of my homemade bbq chicken. It always comes out tender and flavorful and the best part about it is that I did not have to slave over the stove for hours and it’s super inexpensive.

Asking companies for coupons or samples. Don’t be afraid to write your favorite brand for coupons or samples. What’s the worst they can do, say “no”? If that’s the case, then no problem. I have acquired great coupons by simply writing to the brands I love and asking for such. It’s a no brainer and requires minimal effort.

You don’t need name brands. I personal dislike the Pampers Swaddlers diapers that we see in almost all TV commercial ad for babies. The mesh swaddle part always sticks to my sons tushie and it’s like peeling off a band-aid, no thank you. A cheaper alternative is Costco’s Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers. They are just as good as the leading brand and half the cost. They fit snug, have a wetness indicator and are breathable.

Enter giveaways from your favorite brands. I see giveaways all the time on Instagram. I personally have never won, but it doesn’t hurt to enter because you never know!






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