Baby products I wish I knew about sooner

Mama’s (+ Dada’s) this ones for you.

Creating a baby registry was probably one of the most difficult things for me. There are soooooo many baby products on the market and it’s really hard to focus on what’s actually needed/helpful and what’s just “cool”. Especially trying to do all this while prego, forget about it!

As a new mom I had no idea what to expect. I stared at countless baby websites in frustration, went to a few stores but ultimately left angry. Why did’t anyone tell me there are like 100 different types of swaddles and what seemed like a billion and one different kinds of strollers?!?!

I appreciate all things that make life easier, especially when it comes to my baby.

I’m also a minimalist when it comes to products for baby. While, I shared my top 8 baby picks awhile back, I have a good number of products I wish I would have known about sooner.

So here are some baby products that I think are brilliant! Of course, everything comes with a price, and I don’t recommend going into debt to buy any of these, but I sure wish I could have had access to some of these things, well…sooner! And some of them, they truly made the biggest difference with Parker!

Northwell Baby Lounger


Baby loungers have been around for several years, and when we were in the middle of Parker having horrible silent reflux (which meant zero sleep for me) I was really wishing we could afford one. Until I found Northwell Baby, I cringed at the thought of getting a Dock-A-Tot. I would love to own one, but due to cost, we needed to find a cheaper alternative. Dock-A-Tot’s retail for around $175+ for the deluxe and $275+ for the grand.

When we finally got our hands on a baby lounger recently, and I’m kicking myself for not buying it when Parker was a newborn. It is seriously THE BEST. It’s a  infant lounger, co-sleeper and travel bed. The best news of all, Northwell just launched their toddler size and you bet I will be getting one for Parker.


I now understand why other parents rave about infant loungers. It’s the perfect little nest to dock your baby in.

Buy it on their website or on Amazon(and sign up for Amazon prime-free shipping). It is around $80 for the baby size and $150 for the toddler size.

4moms MamaRoo

Okay, this is one of those products when I was pregnant, I thought was the weirdest thing. My husband and I even joked that it looked like a space ship. With that being said, I went ahead and registered for a portable baby swing from Fisher Price. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it started to make funny noises about 4 months in and we went through SO…MANY…BATTERIES! While I never thought I’d own a MamaRoo due to cost, we found a great deal on eBay.

I was absolutely THRILLED to find the a MamaRoo that fit our budget. It’s a MP3 enabled baby swing that moves like you do!  There is 5 motions to choose from and 5 different speed settings. The sounds programmed on the MamaRoo aren’t too bad either. Our favorite is the heartbeat sound, it’s soothing and puts my son right to sleep. It is seriously the best infant swing that I’ve ever used. Sadly, he is getting a bit too big to be in it without me next to him, but the weight capacity is 25 pounds!

Again, we found ours on eBay for $81 shipped, so shop around before you commit to paying retail price. Their cheapest option is the classic seat, which is $219.99 or $249.99 for their plush seat.

Get yours here.

Baby Bum Brush

This product is pure genius. No one likes destine hands! That stuff just does not seem to wash off. We all know diaper rash is no fun, but this product is the most effective way to apply cream on your little ones tushie! No mess what so ever! I wish I would have had this since day one, but hey, better late then never. Do register for this, it’s seriously a blessing with diaper changes!

Retails for around $10. Get one on Baby Bums website or Amazon!


Research says your supposed to stop swaddling your babe around 3-4 months or until they can roll over. The Woombie is the perfect transition. Your baby is allowed to move their arms naturally in the swaddle without distrusting themselves…aka rubbing their eyes! It’s lightweight and has a 2 way zipper which makes late night diaper changes easy peezy.

My son is 6 months and this has seriously been the perfect transition. He is always so relaxed in his Woombie. I love the Swaddle Me, but the Woombie so much more practical and I wish I had these bad boys from the start!

I got my first woombie in their clearance bin for only $12. I wasn’t sure if Parker would like it and I didn’t want to spend a ton on a new type of a swaddle so late in the game. HE LOVES IT!

Get yours on their website, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and or Target.

Gripe Water

What I learned quickly is that infant gas is inevitable and painful. Just think, when us adults have a tummy ache, that sh*t hurts! Now, imagine a baby… Gripe water is the perfect supplement to help put your babies tummy at ease. It’s a natural alternative derived from ginger and fennel.

Always consult a doctor before using any supplement. For us, it’s been a life changer. There is a lot of brands on the market, so use your best judgment and read the ingredients. Our favorite is actually Wal-Mart’s brand Parents Choice. It retails for around $7 for 4fl oz. A bottle lasts use around 2 weeks.


This one is for all the breastfeeding mamas out there. Milk Drunk by Rawr Naturals is the BEST supplement. I am so glad I stumbled upon them. It’s breastfeeding friendly protein powder thats both dairy-free and gluten-free. It’s a great snack for busy moms. Gives you all the nutrients you need while enhancing milk production! They have 4 flavors of proteins and a protein bar option too.

Get your boobies some goodies, shop their online store or on Amazon.

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