Hi I’m Rachel, I’m a mom just like you.

I’m a blogging mom and have one little one thats just around 10 months old.  I want to show you glimpse into my life while raising my son and being a wife. My money saving and productivity tips will help make your life easier!

Lets start off by telling you a little bit about me. I am a new mom to my dear son Parker. Parker was born on July 13th, 2017 at 6:21pm weighing 9lb 1oz and 21inches long. His birth story, I will save for another time. I am married to my high school crush William. We said ” I do” in 2016. I received my Bachelors degree in Marketing, Advertising and PR from Roosevelt University.  In 2013 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and IBS. Lets just say, my diagnose took me from a whirlwind because being newly 21 and drinking beer did not mix. I studied abroad my last semester of college in London, England where I attended University of Westminster and was able to travel Europe during my stay. If you were to ask my friends anything about me, they would all tell you that I always wanted to be a mommy, and now that I am one, I have never stopped smiling.

My husband Will, baby Parker and myself
Furrbabies Ember (black cat) and Money Penny (tabby calico mix cat)


Published by

Rachel Nardi-Brettman

Rachel is a wife and mother of two who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She gave up her job in the corporate world to be a stay at home mom full time and raise her family. Some of her hobbies and passions include baking, gardening, and all things DIY. Rachel was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was 21. She loves to share gluten free baking tips and recipes for others who suffer from similar allergies. She started blogging when her son, Parker, was born. Her daughter, London, was born with some complications and had a brief visit to the NICU. Some of the topics she enjoys writing about include the difficulties of having 2 kids under 2, the stress and effects the NICU has on mothers, and the ups and downs of her breastfeeding journey.

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